Perfect effect for dry and brittle hair.


-Milk Protein

-Coconut Oil 

-12 Essential Amino Acids


⦁ No rinse required

⦁ Anti-Static conditioner

 UV filter

Hair care spray prevents static electricity in the hair. Thanks to the milk protein and 12 essential amino acids in its content, it strengthens the natural protein structure of the hair and provides a healthy appearance. It gives a silky softness. With the coconut oil it contains, it helps to meet the moisture needed by the hair. It provides ease of scanning, vitality and shine after application. When heat treatment is applied to the hair, it makes the blow-dry or straightening process more permanent and protects the hair with its heat-protective feature.

HOW TO USE: It is applied to damp hair by spraying from a distance of 10 cm. Does not require rinsing. For perfect results, apply with SUCOSS Hydra Bomb products.

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